A Very British Horror Story
Rumours of a recent mutation in the MRSA bug infecting the UK pig population has promoted Guard-Media journalist Jack Tomlins to go undercover in a pig farm. His search for the truth leads him to make some shocking discoveries. Everything hangs in the balance as Jack tries to tell the world what he has seen.
My role in the production
Swine was created for UK Charity Viva. I co-wrote, edited,produced and directed the film. I also created all the social graphics, film poster, and co lead, the social media engagement around the film.
I used Adobe Premier Pro CC, Adobe After Effects & Adobe Audition to produce sound effects for the film. 
The film premiered on 8th July 2016 in London, to a full house of people, currently the film has received over 100'000 in total across all social media channels, this was done with zero marketing budget. 

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